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NGO/Societies, Trust

We assist in the registration procedures of Societies, Trusts & Partnership Firms, 12 A & 80 G Certificate, FCRA as well as in the process of formation of memorandum of association (MOA). We guide them through the modes and methods, procedural formalities and the process of documentation. We also counsel them regarding the benchmark required for registration.

Religious and Charitable Trusts in India
Social welfare is the basic responsibility of government. Charitable and Religious Trusts lessen this burden. Therefore, tax concessions are offered. Income applied for predefined and declared charitable object is exempt from income tax. Wealth tax is also not charged on properties held. If eligible, donor are also given deduction from income tax u/s 80G or section 80GGA. Skillful and Intelligent tax planner tends to use trust for evasion of taxes. This result in a plethora of regulatory measures. Consequently, the legislation has become confused and complicated. More so because the term like 'income', 'capital', 'capital gains', 'donations', etc., used informal tax parlance or even in ordinary parlance have entirely different meanings and connotations in the case of trusts.

Types of Trust:
Common types of trusts are noted below.

•Public charitable or religious trusts
•Income from these trusts is applied to charitable or religious purposes.
•Private trusts

Services We Offer
•Registration of Trust
•Registration of Co-operative Societies
•Registration of Company under Section - 25 of Companies Act, 1956
•Registration of NGO under Income Tax for Tax exemption u/s 12A
•Registration of NGO under Income Tax for u/s 80G
•Registration of Partnership Firms
•12 A Certificate
•80 G Certificate
•FCRA: Permanent, Prior Permission and Amendments.

The trust should get itself registered [Form No. 10A for Application] with the Commissioner of Income-tax within one year from the date on which the trust is created.