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Financial/Loan & Property Consultancy also assist's in home loan, mortgage loan, loan against property, personal loan, business loan, O.D./ C.C./L.R.D. etc. We are also into commercial, residential and industrial real estate agent in India. With years of experience in the real estate industry, we provide reliable consultancy services to various commercial, industrial & IT organizations across the nation. We are oriented towards providing end-to-end real estate services to our clients. Our organization made an immediate impact on the property market after it came into being. The business had ambitions to grow fast. Our commitment and hard work payed and this is the reason that today, we provide real estate services in almost every state of the nation. We also provide realty services to NRIs in sale, purchase and management of property. We provide special schemes to NRIs that make the process easier for them. We have tie ups with leading banks of the nation that serve our clients with finance and loan schemes. We also have contacts with reputed architectures and developer who provide the best constructed properties meeting quality and safety standards. Our agents take care of the "Vaastu" factor that most of our clients are concerned about.