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Company Registration, LLP registration, Trademark Registration in Rajasthan & other Financial Services

Enix Consultancy has serviced clients of all sizes from different industries. The foundation of our practice is a belief that efficient service is based on commercial vision and creativity, effectively capitalizing the deep expertise and practical knowledge that specialization brings.

We as a company registration firms offer a wide range of corporate law services at the domestic and international level. We comprised of varied teams of attorneys being specialized in their specific area of practice. On the rise of privatization and modernization at the global level turned the corporate sector more competitive and challenging in order to carry safe and secure business deals.

Where, it has now become more crucial for all types of companies and business houses to comply their corporate tasks with all types of company law acts in India. Here, our team of corporate attorneys being in the same field from the last 5 years while serving the society with nurture and worthy business law services in India. Please find below the points and segments we deal in: The corporate level legal systems of contracting authority, the contracting of legal support to the company's preparation of contracts and advising. The legal system of internal control standards, enterprise-class instruction, preparation of regulations, instructions, drafts of legal operations to ensure the necessary legal conditions for their enforcement. The company's full legal representation, litigation and representation in the settlement. Legal services and counseling activities of complex care. Tendering, procurement procedures relating to supply expert legal activities. Draft legislation, rules for issuing, modifying, developing proposals for the coordination of professional opinions. International legal matters.

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